Marengo Equine Flooring Systems

The Story of Marengo

The famous war horse of Napoleon I of France

Napoleon’s favorite mount, Marengo, was thoroughly trained for battle with guns fired close to his head, the sound of unsheathed swords and bayonets, the further distraction of waving flags, pounding drums and blaring trumpets. Aggressive dogs were often driven back and forth between his legs in order to train Marengo for battle under any conditions.

Marengo carried the Emperor Napoleon safely through the epic battles of Austerlitz, the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, the Battle of Wagram and was captured in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo.

Wounded eight times during his career, Marengo eventually died at the old age of 38. His skeleton has been preserved and is now on display at the National Army Museum in Chelse, London.

The nation's finest equine flooring systems

Marengo Flooring Systems are known for beauty, quality & durability

Marengo Seamless

Stalls / Wash Racks / Aisle Ways / Livestock Trailers

Six S Ranch
Six S Ranch — Declo, Idaho
Private facility, Kenwood, California Private facility, Waco, Texas

Marengo seamless, non-pourous, systems create equine environments that remain beautiful for years. Our sustainable surfaces are safe, comfortable, easy to maintain and slip-free. Available in a variety of colors & varying degrees of cushioning.

Photos left to right: Six S Ranch, Declo, Idaho. Private facility, Kenwood, California. Private facility, Waco, Texas.

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Marengo Pavers

Saddling Areas / Barn Aisle Ways / Service Roads / Bays / Breeding Sheds

Private Residence in Waco, Texas
Private Residence — Waco, Texas
Riding Stable, Boulder, Colorado Private Facility, Los Gatos, California

Marengo’s attractive rubber pavers are ideal for barn aisle ways, breeding sheds, saddling areas service roads and other areas where durability and safety are desirable.

Photos left to right: Private Facility, Waco, Texas. Riding Stable, Boulder, Colorado. Private Facility, Los Gatos, California.

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Marengo Tiles

Stalls / Wash Racks / Aisle Ways / Livestock Trailers

Private Residence in Clio, California
Private Residence — Clio, California
Riding Stable, Boulder, Colorado Private Facility, Los Gatos, California

Marengo rubber tiles are made from 100% recycled materials and provide a handsome, long-lasting surface. Ideal for barn aisle ways, saddling area and service roads.

Photos left to right: Private Facility, Clio, California. Private facility, Aurora, Oregon. Lazy E Ranch, Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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Marengo Management Team

Lee Bauman

Lee Bauman, Founder

A Classic American Entrepreneur

Lee Bauman has been involved in the flooring business since the days he began assisting as a teenager. He is familiar with virtually every type of floor covering, ranging from carpet & tile to wood, rubber and synthetic surfaces used for athletic & equine installations. Few individuals can match Bauman’s hands-on experience and his reputation for producing high quality results.

Today, Bauman is one of a handful of the Nation’s experts specializing in the installation of premier equine flooring systems. His firm is widely known for the work he has done for high net worth individuals as well as equine teaching universities including Colorado State, the University of Georgia as well as veterinarian hospitals in California, Oregon, Texas and Washington State, among others.

Cameron Bauman

Cameron Bauman

Journeyman Equestrian Flooring Expert

An experienced and highly skilled craftsman, heir apparent, Cameron Bauman possesses a sophisticated understanding of each and every aspect of the equine flooring business. His background includes the planning, design and installation of complex systems, both large and small, in locations both here and abroad.

Having grown up in the equine flooring industry, few men of his age have amassed the body of knowledge, project management skills, the financial savvy and leadership ability that allows his crews to install flooring systems of unequaled quality.

Marengo Equine Flooring Systems are painstakingly installed using only the finest materials, all rigorously tested by the Bauman organization to assure the finest performance characteristics and long-life. No competitor can surpass Marengo Equine Flooring Systems in terms of professional design, craftsmanship, beauty and durability.

The company’s commitment to excellence is well known, as evidenced by the many successful projects completed for private and institutional clients in locations as diverse as St. Kitts, West Indies, Canada, Latin America and Northern Ireland.